The Japanese division of Microsoft, gave all of 2280 employees for an entire month, every Friday, and measured the impact of this decision on the productivity of the company. What do you find? The employees had worked, less hours worked, but productivity (as measured by the number of sales ) has increased by almost 40 per cent.

Japan has a culture of the salary you , which was extremely hard work and very long hours to beat. The problem is so great that there is a Japanese word for doodwerken’ employees.

To get the work done in the privébalans of the employees to improve and enhance the employees issues to address, Microsoft Japan, and all of the employees for the month of July on a Friday is a given. “The Work / Life Choice program aims to create an environment in which each employee has a different and more flexible ways of working to choose from, the better, to work better with each other, to meet, to read, to the Japanese, from the Microsoft web site.

The results of this experiment have been eye-catching. The workers called for a cut in hours, but the productivity is measured in the number of sales has increased by as much as 40 percent of the time. Also, since the offices are closed, the lower the electricity costs of 23 per cent, of the number of printed documents, decreased by 58 per cent. The latter is likely to be a directive about the more effective in a meeting.

the workers, on the other hand were satisfied with the experiment, more than 90 per cent in favour of a shorter working week. This winter, the plant, the company will have a similar experience.