A perfectere the timing is not just in the moment when Nina Derwael of gold picked up in Stuttgart, germany, scored her best friend Siemen Base (19) of the openingsgoal in the 3-1 win of Roeselare against OH Leuven in belgium.

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the Siemen Foot from Lochristi and it is as a professional soccer player under contract with Club Brugge. That is suitable for him for a year in Roeselare, in the hekkensluiter at 1B, which is a Saturday and had to play against the leader’s VIEWS. With Siemen Feet at the base. “I knew about it when she exercise had to be done: in the final stage of the match. I had agreed with my parents that they are from the tribune’s mark would do the same. One finger, two fingers, then three, it didn’t matter. But – yes, more than one, of course, because that would mean that Nina gold had been caught.”

Siemen Foot, scored for Roeselare Photos: BELGA

“Because the game is almost done, and it’s surprising 3-0 was the leader then – I took a moment in the direction of mom and dad. Then, both of them are a finger omhoogstaken, I felt a deep emotion. After the match, I wanted to have a little celebrate with the team mates, and I had my phone seized to check if they have already had sent. And that’s what she had. Three minutes later I hung out, we are all on the line. They had the ceremony, and I’m out at a restaurant, gone.”

“Later in the evening, we could see the damage of catching up to do. We’ll have all the peace and quiet gefacetimed, and all in-the sights and smells will be discussed. We are very strong in it. (laughs) That the sessions don’t one and a half hours without having the conversation come to a halt. Of course, We have a lot in common. The great moments of the sport, but also, to a lesser. And that brings us together. Just as she had a slight dip is, I try to always have something fun to say, and then it enhances them, and we are able to both have a full tank right up against it.”

you may also contact Marijke Lammens, the mother of the Derwael, feel the same way. “This relationship makes Nina quite a lot of others. She is happy, we are always entertained by. Love gives you wings, or so they say. I can see it now, Nina.”