in A curve of the back, swelling of the limbs and bloodshot eyes. It sounds like the description of a monster from a horror movie, but it’s not. It is the office workers of the future. Scientists are looking at what, a whole day at a desk, sitting with us, and it doesn’t look good.

Emma, if that is the model of the office worker of the future. Scientists have created a lifelike doll, which we must promote in our work to improve it. It has a curved back, all day long, bent over to sit, red-eyed from a day to a computer screen to look at, and have a white skin is all the time under artificial light.

Investigators were conducting interviews with more than 3,000 employees about their health concerns. And the result is we have to do to change this. The offices should be ergonomic and should have more breaks to be taken where we can just get up and walk around. “If we do not make any changes to our operating environment, such as our attitude, adjust it, keep walking, and our office, what will change our workplace, we’ll make it,” said William Higham, who is the investigations. “In the future, we can have health problems, get as much as the industrial revolution.”

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