Like her character Candice Renoir, Cécile Bois leads a professional career and life as a mother. In an interview given to Gala in January 2022, the 50-year-old actress spoke of her daily life with her two daughters, aged 9 and 11. “I am a cooler mom than Candice, because for her, her work comes before her children”, explained Cécile Bois. “She may love them, but she plants them regularly so she can investigate.”

“As far as I’m concerned, my daughters remain a priority,” says the actress married to actor Jean-Pierre Michaël. “But there are still some points where I’m not super cool, including education, laxity, tidying up or homework. I need to have polite and educated children. I’m not a cool mother on all counts, but I’m very open-minded. All dialogue is possible with me and my daughters know it,” she says.

Cécile Bois embodies the whimsical police commander who has been a hit for ten years on France 2. If the series accumulates millions of viewers with each broadcast, the heroine’s two daughters are not allowed to watch it: “No, I do not want. In addition, I do not want them to see me kissing men other than their father”, explained to Télé Loisirs Cécile Bois in 2018.

Rather discreet about her private life, the actress rarely posts photos of her loved ones on social networks. On September 21, 2021, she shared a snapshot of her husband Jean-Pierre Michaël for his birthday. “I wish him the most beautiful stars in his sky like so many promises, each time he raises his head,” she wrote. A few weeks earlier, Cécile Bois had also published a photo of the father of her children, walking hand in hand with the two little girls.

On August 7, 2022, the actress paid tribute to one of her daughters by sharing a very beautiful photo of the latter. “My love. The weather suits you so well”, how Cécile Bois in the caption of the photo which only suggests the resemblance between the mother and the young girl.

In the coming weeks, Cécile Bois will be back on the way to filming for the 11th season of Candice Renoir. France 2 has indeed decided to renew the adventures of the policewoman for a few episodes. But this time, she will investigate in Marseille, and no longer in Sète.