Three people have been killed in the bad weather of the past few days in the South of France. The bad weather has caused flooding and significant damage, notify the minister of the Interior, a Race Canstaner on Thursday.

The victims, according to a source, will be found in the departments of Hérault, Gard and Pyrénées-Orientales. Up until now, it was just a labor of Cazouls d’Hérault, 45 km from Montpellier, with “the utmost urgency” to the hospital, when he still was discovered in a vineyard.

More than 2,000 members of the fire brigades and Civil Protection, carried out in the last few days, 1.773 operations, the minister of Internal Affairs, explains. He hoped that the staatsprocedure the acknowledgement to the disaster, the affected communities will be accelerated.

“in The statement of financial position (of the victims) could have been much worse, taking into account the intensity of the phenomenon according to which we yesterday saw,” said the minister of Transport and Elisabeth, were Born, during a visit to the Beziers cap d’agde, a small town in Hérault, which are affected by the weather conditions.

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Photo: AFP

Thursday morning, there were still 400 households in the River and the 300-in Fact no electricity. Also, several tracks are damaged, so the rail traffic between Montpellier and Toulouse, and it is between Montpellier and Spain, until at least november 4, has been interrupted. That is, the French railway company, SNCF, announced.

as of Thursday, remains in a code orange for the thunder, the rain and the floods in the department of Haute-Corse airport funds, according to Météo-France. In the other seven departments will apply the code in yellow.

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