No season’s crash The Super League from 19. June, a significant majority of The Clubs have decided that the season 2019/20 is finished. No chance, the application for an increase in the Super League.Marco Keller0 comment continue: play, FC St. Gallen, and the rest of the Swiss professional clubs.Keystone/Gian Ehrenzeller

The football rolled out in Switzerland again soon. At the extraordinary League Assembly in Berne to the representatives of Super League and Challenge League decided that the two Championships will continue with “spirit of play”. This is the Swiss Football League (SFL) confirmed in a message.

animated discussions in Bern were. The Befürtworter of season crash (among other Sion, Lugano, Thun) and the supporters of a continuation (especially the Top 4 Young Boys, Basel, St. Gallen, FC Zürich), declared once again their arguments, however, the positions were as expected far. The vote then went out with a 17:2-votes, with one abstention, in favour of the continuation, thus, can on 19. June will be played. With a maximum of 300 people in the stadiums. 13 rounds are played, on 2. August is supposed to be finished the season at the latest. No chance, the mode change was. According to the SFL 14 Clubs in favour, that the ten-League is to be retained. Five voted in favour of Lausanne request to make a new twelve Teams in the Super League to compete against each other, in addition, an Association was made.

The Swiss Federal Council was made on Wednesday the way for a continuation of the Championships as he events with a maximum of 300 people by 6. June allowed. Super League and Challenge League were thus able to think of a recovery in February interrupted the Championships.

Around 14 o’clock the President of the League, Heinrich schifferle and CEO Claudius Schäfer explain how it came to Decide this. We will be reporting live.

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