Good news for WhatsApp users. On the application, unwanted calls from unknown numbers are common and can sometimes be the support of scams targeting Internet users. Thus, Meta, the parent company of the social network, also behind Facebook, is working on a new feature to neutralize this problem.

Indeed, it should allow users to preventively block all calls from unknown numbers, reports NextInpact. This should thus formulate a response to the height to solve a problem that has been present for some time on the application, and can sometimes be tiring for some people.

As the website explains, this option, when activated, will prevent your screen from turning on and will also block the sound and vibrations produced by a call from an unknown number. Similarly, no missed call notification will be left on the mobile phone.

However, it is specified that the call will still appear in the log, so that users can verify that the blocked calls are not important and that they are not from a family member or an acquaintance in a way more general.

For the time being, this feature is still in the internal test phase and is therefore not yet available on the application for the general public. For the time being, it will therefore be necessary to continue to block one by one the numbers making unwanted calls on WhatsApp.