The new pension reform, recently adopted in the Assembly thanks to article 49.3, remains contested by a majority of French people. Next June 6 will mark a new day of mobilization organized by the unions, which will undoubtedly be the last, before the examination of the proposal for the repeal law of the Liot group.

Despite these upcoming deadlines on pension reform, many French retirees have already chosen to spend their rest period abroad. At the beginning of 2023, the National Pension Fund (Cnav) published statistics concerning the residences of retirees.

According to these statistics produced by the SNSP (Syndicat national des Scènes Publiques), more than 13.7 million retirees from the general scheme reside in metropolitan France, and just over 252,000 in the territory of the four general social security funds (CGSS ) or 14 million retirees in total. In 2022, the number of retirees residing in France increased by 1.3%, as reported by CNAV.

In 2019, around 1.7 million retirees, all schemes combined, had decided to go into exile in order to experience the end of their career in peace. According to the new figures, published on January 26, 2023, around 1.1 million retirees from the general scheme live abroad. Suffice to say that the figures are down sharply (1.4% in four years). Nevertheless, these French people, who have chosen to move away from France, represent 7.2% of the retirees listed.

When thinking about their future retirement, in addition to the retirement age and the amount of pensions, some also ask themselves the question of where to spend this period of their life. Each year, the specialist magazine International Living establishes a ranking of the countries offering the best living conditions for retirement: the Global Retirement Index.

For this analysis, 16 countries were examined more closely, having been selected upstream. Among the indicators chosen, there are financial criteria (cost of living, real estate), but also quality of life (climate, health care), or related to security (visa, government). These different criteria are then used to calculate the average for each country.

Discover without further delay the 2023 ranking of the 10 best countries for a peaceful retirement.