The English brand Mini has confirmed that it will produce a fully electric version of its Countryman this year. This addition to the rather small range of the manufacturer owned by BMW will undoubtedly be beneficial.

For the moment, no technical details have been presented. We know, however, that this model will be assembled entirely in Leipzig, Germany, alongside the BMW 2 Series Active Tourers. Sharing its platform with the latter, but also with the BMW X1, this electric Countryman should therefore receive the engine of the iX1, its electric version which is not sold in Canada.

This would result in the use of two electric motors producing 308 hp in total and which are powered by a 64 kWh battery. The European autonomy of this model is 428 km, a figure from which it will be necessary to subtract a few tens of kilometers to have a more accurate portrait. In a context where accessibility to an electric vehicle is quite difficult, the addition of such a model to the Canadian market will slightly reduce the pressure and ensure competition, depending on the marketing schedule and his price.