A Russian woman at the border between Russia and China in the customs, was arrested with 2 kilograms of gold bars stashed in her shoes. “The young lady went on to be a little a natural way, ( … ), and was nervous before they go down to the customs authorities passed in the city of Zabaikalsk, informed the regional customs administration on Tuesday with them.

when searched with a metal detector “she volunteered for eight gold bars with a total weight of the accommodating 1,863 g, that is, with duct tape on her soles were attached,” according to the customs and excise. According to expert assessments, the staves, “which in traditional manner and have been manufactured more than 5 million rubles (just over 70.900 the euro as well. The woman said that the gold, at the request of the Chinese transports. It was due to the “smuggling of strategic raw materials, has been opened.

Since the beginning of this year, according to the custom of several Russians in the Zabaikalsk was arrested for gold, tried to smuggle it to China. In August, tried in a Russian, with the ten gold bars stashed under her shoes and crossed the border to cross it. In the traditional way of panning for gold is a widespread practice in Russia.