A Couche-Tard investment that has lost a lot of value over the past two years has seen its slide increase in recent days.


Analyst Frederico Gomes, at ATB Capital Markets, sees a higher likelihood that Couche-Tard will decide not to exercise warrants. This expert withdrew his buy recommendation on Fire stock on Monday

To bring this investment back to its fair value, a loss of 34 million had been recorded last year by Couche-Tard.

BRP lost the support of TD on Friday, the day after the disclosure of the performance of the beginning of the exercise of the manufacturer of recreational vehicles of Valcourt. Analyst Brian Morrison withdraws his buy recommendation, wanting to be more cautious in the face of the strength of headwinds. “These macro headwinds may persist and potentially intensify, obscuring earnings visibility. I’m finding it increasingly difficult to identify near-term catalysts that can induce investors to take a more constructive stance. They are now 15 analysts out of 19 to suggest the purchase.

A senior Taiga executive bought a block of shares in the Montreal manufacturer of 100% electric recreational vehicles in the middle of the week. Chief Financial Officer Éric Bussière bought 10,000 shares on Wednesday at a price of $1.20 per share. He has just doubled the number of Taiga shares he owns.

If Transat’s stock appreciates Monday in the first session of the week, it will have recorded increases in 10 consecutive sessions. The stock is up almost 25% for two weeks. The Montreal tour operator will present its financial performance for the months of February, March and April on Thursday.

Boralex gained a fan this week. Analyst Andrew Kuske, at Credit Suisse, has recommended since Thursday the purchase of the action of the Quebec producer of renewable energy. “The increased growth potential in Quebec may be an underestimated aspect of the company’s evolution and its prospects for expansion,” he says. They are now 10 out of 13 analysts to suggest buying it.

A specialist in steel structures based in Terrebonne had a good week on the stock market. The action of the ADF Group jumped on Tuesday after the unveiling of orders in the United States, in particular a contract for a construction project in the Midwest. ADF will present its early-year results on Wednesday.

Logistec is the big Quebec winner for the month of May on the Toronto Stock Exchange. Shares in the Montreal-based marine and environmental services company rose 40% during the month. On May 19, the controlling shareholder informed the board of directors of its interest in selling its shares, which suggests a strategic transition with new shareholders.

ADF Group (35%), Transat (31%), Lassonde (19%) and BMTC (15%) also had a strong month of May. Among the losers, Nuvei (-23%), TVA (-22%), Gildan (-16%), Lion (-15%), Goodfood (-15%) and Fiera Capital (-14%) all went through a difficult month.

A director at Héroux-Devtek has just purchased shares of the Longueuil landing gear manufacturer for nearly $100,000. Nathalie Bourque bought a total of 4720 shares between May 25 and May 29. She has been a board member since 2015.

Quebec stocks Transat, H2O Innovation, Logistec, ADF Group and CGI all reached a new 52-week high on the Toronto Stock Exchange this week. In contrast, Fiera Capital just hit another 52-week low.