He had never seen an episode of ‘House’, but after five years of urging, went to Theo Francken still active. In the program he tells us more about the evil text by Bart De Wever, who was almost of his career involved his past as a boxer, and the role of the state. “I’ve got all of the serious threats faced. There are even parents may also be asked to take their child out of school for my daughter to pick it up. Because they are afraid of.”

for example, If you’re as cynical as it is, please stop with the politics. The council gave father Francken, his son, Theo, when he was already at a very young age, to the politics, preferred. “I’ve been thinking about this the last few months,” says Francken, in The House . Just in time for the elections in may, was reminded of his brother Michel was out in the agreement. It was around the time of the klimaatmarsen, and the fight with Maggie De Block. “You wast a lot of to be cynical, your tweets, your Facebookposts, don’t do that. Oh, Stop it. Do you remember what our father has said to them.” It is quite hacked, it should Francken to give in.

it was the mayor of Lubbeek, and pointed out to the secretary of state for Asylum and Migration is clear at an early stage that he was, in politics, wanted to take steps. “Member of parliament, and that it was a dream when he was a teenager. When I saw it on The Seventh Day …” For the Sunday morning program was a hard jab to the house of Francken, even for the young of the island. Eric Goens and confronts him at his first appearance in The Seventh Day . “What an embarrassment”, he laughs Francken.

Embarrassing text

now, Though, it was almost over before it really began, he says, in The House . When he was adviser of the Bourgeois it was, it went almost wrong. It’s had to be, Ben Weyts, and his colleagues in the government, his own skin to save. “John, (De Wever, ed.) has ever been a most evil text message about me to the Form will be sent. But he made a mistake and sent this message to me… and I’m sitting in a bar, and shocked me to the bone. I don’t have the courage to say what is responsible, but I have returned: Bart, I will take you up on that, Geert is? , Which was a bit painful.” Now, it’s good to laugh, but he also acknowledges that it will, when passed, it could have been. “But it didn’t happen”, says after a long silence. “Bart, I used to have no obvious relationship, but right now, that’s fine. I’ve got a lot of it.”

“If the content is going to be once the discussions”, be aware of Francken. “I know that they are angry at the game, but The strength of the belief. That’s what politicians are supposed to do.” Make a conscious choice, in other words. “As a backbencher, no-one knows who works for 5,000 euro per month. If you are of a mind, and you will make out of this…”

the Child’s school

However, realize Francken, that he was back in the corner is going to be in the more than 25,000 tweets, which he has in the meantime been sent. “Sometimes, I am impulsive, yes. I don’t have any problems with it, that is, it is in my nature. However, I don’t think I’m ready to me to apologize.” A number of tweets he has I’m sorry, ” he said. But it is more about gender identity. The men who are putting on make-up, eyebrows, eyebrow, lingerie, wear, in a sacoche carry a baby,…are Running the world, or is it just me?” The now-deleted tweet, hang it on the wall, but it Francken throw him in without a moment’s delay, into the fire.

Francken says in The House also has all the disadvantages of his position. “At rock Werchter, there was a little girl and have a pint for me, was breaking out, while her boyfriend was filming. Just want to see how I would react to the provocations. I am a quiet, preserved, but is now gone.” And also, children are sometimes faced with. “I’ve got all of the serious threats faced. There are even parents may also be asked to take their child out of school for my daughter to pick it up. Due to the shock.”

Photo: © VRT 2019 < / P> “With a mouth wash to the station,”

Franckens brother, Michael, who does not always dare to say that he is the brother of the three, Montfortboys , of the friends of the same college, Rotselaar, go into The House . It is a time for Francken to get back in the boxing ring to the stage, this time it’s not on the Twitter, and back at the firm, friends who are schooling him to return. He talks about his vrijgezellenweekend in Barcelona, spain – “With a mouth wash to the station, and I had the whole day to go to the toilet and had to drink some of the others have given me,” and on the weekends with a group of friends. One of them, for, Lo, it died in his 34th of the effects of THE. Francken was there when he was in the effectiveness of the siren system to his last breath. “The look on the face of forget me not: a blend of ‘I don’t want to go, and fear.” The best of that time and draws each and every year, on the weekend. To honor the closing of the Montfortboys the weekend traditionally, at the tomb of the Lo, with a beer in his hand. “A tradition has been for a long time to go, hold on, I’m sure of it.”

While The House in July, it is recorded, and it remains the vision of the political future of Theo Francken up-to-date. It is, in terms of government formation, then also no step forward… in Which he found himself back in 2020 to see? “As mayor of the city of Lubbeek,” he explains. To add to it: “Or do I do the migration or I am in the opposition, and I am working on migration issues.”

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how Long will Francken is still in the early days there? “That, and I have often wondered about. However, I do know what I want to do: we need to Flanders to be independent. I am willing to be a part of my life too.” He will be an independent Flanders, was still living, would Goens know about it. “I will have to see that. Will there ever be, that you can’t stop it.”

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