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Thousands of amateur and professional bullfighting gathered yesterday in the plaza in front of Sales for to claim the bullfight as a culture and demand the same treatment as the rest of the arts. In an initiative launched by the platform We are Culture , the people took to the streets to demand freedom and respect for the amateur and professional bullfighting, which demand an end to marginalization of the sector. “We intend to reach out to all corners of the world”, began by saying the journalist David Homes, reminded that this call had to be postponed from last Sunday to this. He recalled that in Spain there are over fifteen-thousand popular festivities, and took the word of two children in the midst of the presence of bullfighters as César Rincón, Curro Vázquez, Toñete, Emilio Justo, David Mora, Gonzalo Caballero and Miguel Abellán. This last noted in the middle of the applause: “we Want to live in a free country, that I never tell anyone that you can’t, that I never say a political power that you can not go to a plaza de toros. You are free and need to remain so. Only the people decide what is culture. I encourage you to defendáis a Spain free, a bullfighting-free. ¡Viva España! Viva Madrid! Long live bullfighting!”

Two boys expressed with this text, your love to the Party:

“My parents took me to the bulls since I was a small child.

I Think my first olés I listened to when I was in the tube of my mom .

Since then, I’ve gone to the plaza de toros, to the rooms of the bullfighters when they are dressed in lights, on cars crews. I have also been on the farms watching trekking and to know how to live the toro bravo.

no one I going to Ban my fondness for bullfighting because bullfighting is culture, tradition, history, camaraderie, respect, struggle, effort, triumph, and glory, and also is death as it represents the statue of Yiyo, a bullfighter, of which my father speaks to me a lot when we come to play Sales because it was their favorite bullfigther.

As for me what were Ivan Fandino and Victor Ward because even though I see very little I remember of them.

The children of today are the future. We are the culture of our grandparents and our parents. And we want to be the culture of tomorrow.

long Live bullfighting! ¡Viva España!”.

And this:

“The children of today will take the baton from our parents and grandparents and we will be in charge of filling seats as this is my back.

children today we are the future .

We will be in the near future, the bullfighters, ranchers, aficionados, doctors, journalists of tomorrow.

No one has the right to snatch away the future. Our freedom to continue with our culture. No one has the right to hinder us from honoring the education of our fathers . No one has the Right to decide for us. And we have decided to love bullfighting. To grow as people within the respect, of tolerance, of equality of opportunity through the sacrifice that has the bullfighting”.

Ortega Cano and his daughter Gloria Camila – Guillermo Navarro

Miguel Abellán read the following manifest:

“The law that regulates Bullfighting as a Cultural Heritage in Spain was approved in the Senate on November 12, 2013 although the entire process begins in march of 2011, when you begin to pick up the more than 580,000 signatures that came to the Ministry of Culture in the form of Legislative Popular Initiative.

One of the keys of the law is the change of the denomination of the feast of the bulls in Bullfighting, which is no longer considered only in terms of entertainment or spectacle in order to consider your cultural character is indisputable , and should be, on the basis of the same law, to be preserved as a treasure from our country, rich in different cultures.

The Bullfighting as a cultural event is the sign of identity of our land, Madrid, and therefore is intimately related to the evolution of our history, art and traditions. It is the people who decide freely what is their culture and that protects it.

it Is true that today Bullfighting is facing to the seal show outdated leading to the disappearance in the society of globalization in which we are living. Therefore, it is key that we all work in promoting the international dimension of the sector and in the economic importance that the industry projects, not only in Madrid capital and in your Community, but for all of Spain. It is necessary to run lines of action that pass through the importance of the show and put the focus on their capacity to generate wealth and employment.

The Culture is creativity and art , but is also a popular tradition, rootedness in the earth, signs of identity of its own that are on the content of our bulls, bulls in the streets and in each one of the farms of bravo from this earth.

Madrid is and always will be land of bulls and bullfighters , beyond political expressions of any sign, and beyond the joints as sad as we are currently experiencing, because while the bull will charge and there is a human being able to create art with these assaults, there will be another who is excited about seeing him”.

Gonzalo Caballero read this manifesto:

“We are the people of the bull,

Culture of a free people that celebrates the life around of a mythological animal, with rituals and millenary that our Latin culture has managed to preserve.

We are the world del toro, we are gross and sages, the sun and the shadow, right-wing and left-wing. We are of the street, the rope and the square.

We are the culture with which a people expresses itself around the tradition of the toro culture that we inherited from our grandparents and pass them on to our grandchildren.

We are the universal culture that we live in a bond of brotherhood peoples of Peru, Venezuela, Ecuador, Colombia, Portugal, France, Mexico and Spain.

Kings and popes have wanted to forbid us in the past, it troubled them a culture that they could not control. But never could with the strength of a people.

the New powerful, new courts of inquisition , aim of new us.

But also may not be, because the culture is not censorship, culture cannot be limited, the culture cannot be repressed.

The culture is a richness, diversity, rebellion, conflict, and creativity.

But the culture is, above all and above all, free and makes us free.

¡Viva el toro!”

he Closed the interventions of the journalist Carlos Ruiz Villasuso : “We are progress and Culture, because we are the people of the land worked by hand and with the soul of the sweat. In the earth’s field is born this world that is rooted, that argues the struggle against Spain abandoned. We come from and we are the Spain that gives food to the other Spain urban, and also the Spain that nourishes the soul with its Culture. We’re not going to beg. We demand dignity, respect and freedom. All together, to live always in Spain and viva la tauromaquia”.