RSA “under conditions”: where will it be introduced in January?


The aid at issue here is none other than the Active Solidarity Income, or RSA. The famous RSA was designed to guarantee a minimum income for individuals and households without resources. The amount of the allowance varies according to the composition of the household to which it is allocated. The public targeted by this system is originally made up of people who cannot, for various reasons, have an activity, or seek employment: these are the individuals who do not fit into the unemployment benefit boxes.

However, one of Emmanuel Macron’s 2022 campaign promises was to make access to the RSA conditional. Conditions ? An activity of between 15 and 20 hours per week. The idea behind this approach is to support these people towards employment. Paradoxically, some RSA recipients already spend most of their time looking for a job in their chosen sector, and forcing them into an activity or risk losing their allowance would slow them down in their search, as one reported. of those concerned at Planet.

The concrete modalities of this activity remain somewhat unclear. For example, will beneficiaries have to find work themselves? This is why the 19 departments concerned from January will be under experimental conditions, over one year only. This trial period should clear up a number of questions.

The departments subjected to this test have a priori all volunteered… at least in theory. First problem: when the list of selected candidates was published, the department of Seine-Saint-Denis sounded the alarm. He would have volunteered, but only under certain conditions. Conditions which do not appear to have been met.

Find below the list of the 19 departments which will see the implementation of this device from next year, according to CNews.