The arrival in 2023 could be a breeze. A vast low pressure system covers a large part of the North Atlantic. Its influence on France could be felt from Wednesday December 28, 2022, causing several gales until the New Year weekend.

“The jet-stream located between the subtropical anticyclone and the Atlantic depression should strengthen and exceed 250 km/h around 8000 meters altitude, which is classic. When depressions are driven by this jet stream, the threat of gales cannot be ruled out”, explains La Chaîne Météo, a site specializing in meteorology.

The wind could strengthen, reaching 60 to 80 km/h in the plain overnight from Wednesday to Thursday, or even 100 km/h in the evening. A “classic winter gale without aggravating character”, assures the forecaster.

A second gale is to be feared on Friday December 30, especially in the north of France. The neighboring regions of the English Channel are particularly affected by stormy gusts of wind of more than 100 km / h, and 80 or even 90 km / h inland. Once again, the site specializing in meteorology insists: this situation is not abnormal at this time of year.

“Thereafter, on Saturday and Sunday, the north of France could retain this threat of strong winds, with a reliability that will depend on the more or less rapid evacuation of the depressions towards the British Isles. The neighboring regions of the Channel until in the Charentes would remain the most exposed to this risk of strong wind”, specifies La Chaîne Météo. About fifty departments will be particularly affected by gusts of wind, strong or not. Check out the full list in our slideshow below.