as Club Brugge and lost Wednesday night in the Champions League with a 1-0 on the pitch of the PSG, but the French press had seen to that, the Belgian vice-champion, is more money. The penaltyklucht between Diagne and Vanaken had not noticed before.

SEE ALSO. , Chef, football, Ludo Vandewalle found that, Diagne, that penalty miss was in the stand should be.

“There are some nights that it is only the result that counts”, it analyzes the L’equipe of the match. “PSG was never in the evenings in a better mood. It was not a demonstration. Since the organization of the event was, as Mbappé, his night did not, and FOLLOWING not in the rhythm of it came out. On the side of the Parisians and was the goalkeeper Keylor Navas is the man of the match with a decisive rescue to Dennis, and especially with a stopped penalty kicks from Diagne.”

Navas gets an eight out of ten of the French sports, the most of all.

as Mbappé, according to L’equipe, the worst man on the field, with three to ten years old. To Picturesque side were Diatta, Ricca, and Kossounou gebuisd, Dennis was given a seven out of ten, the highest score you can. The raiders will get a score, so it is recommend that the number of anti-hero, Diagne should have been.

On the front page of L’equipe, should PSG make way for Lyon with 3-1 and won on away goal to take back. The Parisians need to be there to do it with a small image of the Mbappé and his lesser form.

“is Qualified, but that’s all”, is the headline in the Le Parisien . So-called “six points, six goals scored, one of the qualification … of The double confrontation against Bruges the FOLLOWING to the knock-out stages of the Champions League, but the rate of the content. Visitors from Taiwan, who only look at the results without the match-to have the will to think, that FOLLOWING his Belgian counterpart, quietly, has broken the game, but he’ll have to miss it. He will be missed in that Club Brugge and this is FOLLOWING on the issues raised. And FOLLOWING from this, the 180 minutes of left with a feeling that between overall satisfaction and for the sake of the qualification, and is of great concern due to the defensive weaknesses.”

“for a Club Brugge that will have a chance, but with better weapons in order for his opponent to hurt absent, has the FOLLOWING it does not be able to force it,” says France Football’s . “As the leader of Ligue 1 and had to hit the ball, but PSG were far from dominant. Bruges captured, even with the ball, and played more in the half, the home team is than the other way around. The only thing we have to remember is that the FOLLOWING has qualified.” France Football, it was Eder Balanta is the best player on the pitch at Club Brugge. “It was FOLLOWING ideas he had, perhaps, the cause of it. Balanta is a tough, energetic, and persistent. He made many attacks harmless, as well as the impact of the ball. He recupereerde seven of the balls, and sent one of sleutelpas. The Colombian excelled in all of the parts from anything up to balrecuperatie, and the set-up of counters: Balanta was a gun number one in the Belgian squad. He has committed no offence, and he was always nice in his responses.”

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you can Also France Football and was determined to Mbappé: it gets only a 3 out of 10. “If the loser of the match, we also Diagne to choose from, whose poorly-taken penalty kick, the chances of his team gave. But in the end, we watched a strange match for the world by 2018. Nothing worked and the actions he took were ” suspicious.” We have Mbappé more entrepreneurial and body language was not good. Easily to be forgotten.”

“The Belgians have made all the wrong choices,”

“have A little Paris to punch through to the next round”, was how Le Monde to work together. “This match will not be remembered. No brilliant play, won the FOLLOWING four games, scoring from their only real chance of the game. The uninspired Parisians to their goalkeeper Keylor Navas to thank. The Costa Rican picked out by a great double parade, the attempts of Leo, Dennis, and David, Okereke, early in the second period, before giving up a penalty a few minutes later on a penalty kick after that. The Belgians have had a variety of ways to reduce the risk of creating, but used the wrong approach in the penalty box.”

Also, Le Figaro , turns it around: “Navas, top, Mbappé-flop. The former goalkeeper of Real Madrid, was once again flawless, and is still unbeaten in this Champions League season. His teammates have him to thank.”

you can Also get the active, Verrati and goalscorer Icardi to their statistics, it is still an honourable mention, but even here, Mbappé-the broadside: “From the link and missed out on just about anything. Sometimes, he was overly social, though he is too much, just wanted to show a few months after the conclusion of the voting for the Ballon d’or. He lost 23 balls, and won just 31 percent of his matches. He fell just one shot, and it was in no way in shape or form.”

“a lot of Parisians were playing below their true skill level. The general gave the FOLLOWING as the perception that the team is soon out of breath, as if some of the effort in september-October and return in the spring. A recognizable team that have qualified for the next round.”

POINTS. Diagne will be the lowest score we ever gave.

find out More about Paris Saint-Germain POINTS. Diagne will be the lowest score we ever gave, Cursed by the roman and Diagne: the Club engages in addition to the second stunt, in the uefa Champions League Club Bruges (Okereke, front Zipper, and Balanta at the base, on a visit to the in the FOLLOWING, “Finally, as a team,”: why, FOLLOWING the season’s end with his Champions League trauma