The FDP calls for a new debate on the so-called safe countries of Origin. In addition to the eight previously classified in this category of countries as well as Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Georgia, where such a classification is planned to have 28 other asylum countries of origin for the past three years, a recognition rate of under five percent. The response of the Federal government to a request of the FDP parliamentary group, which is the “world”.

“The coalition government has promised, in this legislature, other countries as safe countries of Origin to be classified, if over a number of years less than five per cent of the asylum applicants from these States have been recognised in Germany,” said Linda Teuteberg, migration policy spokesperson of the FDP in the Bundestag.

Currently, 33 States met this criterion, and 28 of them have had in the past three years according to low recognition rates. The recognition rate is only an indication of a plurality of and replace is not an in-depth Review of the human rights situation in individual countries, added Teuteberg.

India and Moldova as examples

The politician called on the Federal government, the appropriate examination of these States. “In the case of countries like India and Moldova should be a full examination according to the criteria of the Federal constitutional court initiated because a positive decision is particularly likely.” In the case of a positive result, a corresponding classification can be decided as “safe countries of Origin”, already in 2019.

in 2018, it was decided, according to the Federal office for Migration and refugees (Bamf) by the end of November, about 1.032 asylum claims from Indians, and 26 of them received a title of protection. In the case of Moldova, there were 2.044 decisions, of which 14 were positive.