When Stalking it, so the land is common perception, the offender and the victim. Psychologists, however, see something different, they speak of Exporting and Concerned. This can be quite useful, because then it is possible to help the thing from both sides to prevent, because both sides suffer. Two experts from the Charité hospital in Berlin presented the phenomenon of Stalking on the Chaos Communication Congress in its basic features, namely, Jan Kalbitzer, specialist in psychotherapy, and author of the book “Digital Paranoia – stay online without losing your mind”, and Korina Winter, a neuroscientist in the area of forensics.

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The term of the Stalkings have been around since the eighties, first of all, he referred to the pathological fixation of a fan to his Idol. Stalking is not a phenomenon of the modern era, examples can be found already in the ancient Greece. It is an unwanted Stalking, harassment, and even violence and murder. In Cyberstalking, the whole is carried out by computer-based communication techniques, often Cyberstalking is now a part of the Stalkings.

A study found that 64.6 per cent of respondents were women have experienced Stalking, predominantly by male perpetrators. For men, 35.4 percent were affected, this time, women accounted for the largest perpetrators of proportion. However, the percentage for male Victims of same-sex Stalker much higher.

Well, the offender is not

The motives are very different. This may be revenge, for example, at the Ex-Partner, and both of them can run in the worst case, in a vicious circle of Ghosting and Stalking and reinforce each other. The aim of the Stalkings can be to want to come together. Other motifs are loneliness, often associated with “social incompetence” as it is called in the technical language, so clumsy, but persistent advances. Also, there are Performers who demonstrate sexual gestures driven by Power and a Desire for humiliation stalk, to try, in this way, a sense of control again, you come, elsewhere lost.

The consequences are in any case drastically. You are rich in the Affected by a feeling of loss of Control on panic attacks, depression, stomach pain to complete pull Back, and the loss of social contacts or the workplace. All of this favors the Emergence of mental illness. In the case of the Exporting of this “process of pathological fixation” on a Person but also leads to similar symptoms. Because Stalking does not mean that the offender well, on the contrary.

no hubris

dealing with Stalking, the two doctors, is therefore a common task, and they will give you some valuable hand-outs, what to do in such a case. If someone is affected by harassment or even stalking, then the environment needs to react. In violation of the Exporting the wrong strategy is exclusion. The community outcast would eventually toxic, Kalbitzer, and no longer respond to the grants or rebukes by the community. Exclusion can therefore only be a last resort.