Recently adopted, the pension reform designed by the executive pushes back the legal retirement age from 62 to 64 years. Despite the promise of a minimum pension for a certain number of them and in the face of galloping inflation, a majority of future retirees fear the evolution of their standard of living. According to recent studies, how is post-career and retirement after 75 years organised?

According to an INSEE study, published in March 2023, the standard of living of people aged 75 or over in metropolitan France in 2016 is at a lower median threshold. However, it appears that the poverty rate is lower than the population average. INSEE thus gives as a reference a figure of 20,160 euros per year, or 1,680 euros per month, where half of retirees have a standard of living below this sum. People aged 75 and over therefore have a standard of living 2% lower than that of the general population, which is estimated at 20,490 euros annually and 10% lower than that of people aged 65-74, at 22,400 euros. .

The INSEE study tells us that the standard of living of seniors declines gradually with age. Therefore, the 75-79 year olds have a standard of living of 21,300 euros per year and this figure drops to 18,310 euros from the age of 95. In this context, the explanation lies with lower pensions and pensions, but also with a lack of national social benefits. Today, only 9% of people aged 75 and over, i.e. 527,000 people, live below the monetary poverty line, compared to 14% of the total population.