The French had been waiting for months to be able to calculate the conditions for their retirement, but also the amount of their pension. This is now possible with the opening of the official simulator, which allows them, since June 12, to have a better idea of ​​their future steps. After a difficult set-up and a few breakdowns, what are the advantages of the official simulator now?

If we are to believe the large number of bugs known by the official pension reform simulator, this tool was particularly awaited by the French. He indeed received a considerable number of requests, which led to his unavailability for several hours. For the moment, things are back to normal and it is possible to work out the first calculations on his future retirement. Two options are thus offered: you can choose a simulation in “one click” to find out at what age you can retire or personalize your request by defining your future remuneration trajectory. For this, you will note the children already born or that you plan to have, while anticipating possible periods of unemployment.

As reported by our colleagues from Ouest France, according to the words of Stéphane Bonnet, director of the Retirement Union, “the simulator is based on the career data actually known by your pension plans”. They are therefore the ones that may be taken into account in the final calculation of your pension. Unlike other simulators set up on the Internet, this is the only tool that can legally have access to your personal information. It is, in fact, not allowed for other systems to know this data with such precision in order to be able to use it to the best of its ability.