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the president of The Government of Navarra, is Maria Chivite , has stated that she feels “much not to give good news” regarding the celebration of the san fermin festival in 2021 , and has announced that this year will not be possible to organize them due to the situation caused by the Covid-19.

“An international festival such as the san fermin festival, in which they come to Navarre millions of people, it’s not going to be possible,” said this Tuesday the president of navarre. “Beyond that we can meet the expectation of the vaccination of around 40% and 60% of navarre at the beginning of summer, is not responsible to open some expectations that will not be possible to meet ,” he added.

Chivite has made this announcement at an event organized by New Economy Forum, where he has pointed out that “it is true that all the navarrese feel the san fermin festival as something intrinsic to our identity, but is not responsible to encourage a hope that I sincerely believe that they are not going to be able to be, beyond that they can pass many things from here to July, you can hardly be held Sanfermines”.

As it happened last year, the global pandemic is going to prevent that is to celebrate the san fermin festival again. Out of these two years, the last time that were suspended by the parties in 1997 was , following the murder by ETA of Miguel Angel Blanco , which resulted in the citizen reaction to go out to the street in front of the terrorist band and above, in 1978 by the events that occurred for the murder of Germán Rodríguez, and earlier in the Civil War.

In 2018, a study estimated at 740 million euros the revenue that the san fermin festival had come to Pamplona in the last 10 years , and in 2014 another study estimated that only this year the income had risen to 136 million euros. Hospitality, trade, large and small shops, all will be affected by this suspension, although the city Council can dispose of the 3 billion euros of budget planned for this year.

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