While the pension reform continues to generate much debate, the statistical service of the social ministries, the DREES, has published a study on the question of pensions. In this report, she notably mentioned this thorny subject, which represents the first item of social protection expenditure with 338 billion euros in pensions paid in 2021. At the heart of a still lively controversy, she was able to respond to a few questions, while highlighting important numbers to know. Explanations.

With this recent report, the DREES provides important elements for French people still angry with the executive. With the raising of the legal retirement age, as well as the increase in the duration of insurance, these are major changes, which will take place from September 1st. The Drees in particular pointed out a number of retirees which continues to increase over the years. Thus, nearly 722,000 retirees were counted in 2021 and a jump of 90,000 additional pensioners.

In its study, the DREES also mentioned the preponderant place of women, who are increasingly present in the labor market. Due to their longer life expectancy than that of men, they are in particular the majority among the beneficiaries of a direct pension. Other important figures also appear in the text with the median age of retirees, but also the amounts of pensions received. Discover, in our slideshow, the six figures to know about the retirement of the French.