Inflation, health scandals… For mass consumption, the year 2022 was that of all dangers. While many companies have been able to take advantage of the crises to win new customers, others have suffered particularly badly.

One thing is certain, this year was the year of changes for the consumption habits of the French. Faced with shortages, stock shortages or major price variations, households have had to learn to do their shopping differently.

According to a survey carried out by Kantar, at the end of 2022, the French are thus less numerous, -1.4%, to declare: “I attach a lot of importance to the brand that I buy” compared to to 2021. Similarly, they are more likely, 2.2%, to be open to “buying a brand they don’t usually buy if they see it on sale” than last year.

“If for 10 years, consumer preference has been towards national brands, the inflationary context has reshuffled the cards in 2022. Exacerbated price vigilance has been conducive to more opportunistic purchases and zapping between brands”, analyze the institute experts.

On April 5, Kantar unveiled its Brand FootPrint 2023, devoted to the footprint of brands in consumption and revealing the top best-selling brands in France in 2022, according to annual purchase acts (or consumer reach point). As our colleagues from LSA explain, this ranking is one of change since out of 50 brands, 34 saw their position vary compared to 2021.

Discover in our slideshow the 10 best-selling brands in France in 2022.