The local authorities have warned against “illusions” in connection with the plans of the Federal government for the immigration of skilled workers. “The shortage of skilled workers in Germany will not fix the new law, but, at best, can mitigate,” said Gerd Landsberg, managing Director of the German Association of cities and Gemeindebunds, the Newspapers of the Funke media group (Thursday).

The new skilled workers immigration law, the Bundestag must agree to be connected with large expectations. The increase of immigration from Non-EU countries will not have a significant influence on the shortage of skilled workers.

In the discussion of a lane change between asylum law and immigration law Landsberg for a date control for the “large number of tolerated foreigners in Germany who live here for years, working and well-integrated”. Many companies would resist, “if these people stopped to voluntary departure, or even be deported”. A key-date regulation would lead to “the Built-in, working here, are allowed to remain, without creating a further incentive, no reason for Asylum to Germany to come to”.

The craft is full of hope

The German craft hopes, however, that the proposed immigration bill will alleviate the deficiency. “This paved the way for modern immigration are put right,” said the President of the Central Association of German crafts (ZDH), Hans-Peter Woll zeal, the “Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger” (Thursday). “Alone in the craft, the Federal Agency for work 150.000 lack of skilled workers,” he added. He assume, that there are in truth around 250,000, since many companies reported their Vacancies.

criticism came from the NRW-integration Ministers, Joachim Stamp. “The present draft falls short of the mark. We need a comprehensive immigration law, which regulates all questions of Migration and Integration, contradiction-free,“ he told the newspaper.