When you retire, the amount of your monthly income may vary. Thus, it is not uncommon to lose a large sum of money during retirement with the calculation of your retirement pension and the disappearance of your usual salary. In several cases, the total of this retirement pension has the possibility of being increased before retirement, but also of being revalued after the end of your professional life. On the other hand, it is also possible to see his pension reduced according to certain events. Explanations.

Before retiring, you can try to improve the amount of your pension as much as possible by buying back quarters or by aiming for a premium. In this way, your retirement will take place in the best conditions. During your retirement, its amount can also increase according to revaluations. Thus, in 2022, basic retirement pensions were increased twice: once on January 1 with 1.1% and a second time in July 2022 with 4%. For 2023, basic retirement pensions have increased by 0.8%.

In certain configurations, your retirement pension may experience an unexpected drop. For example, if you are embarking on the combined employment pension scheme, you will have to be vigilant so as not to exceed the ceiling between the amount of your income and that of your retirement pension. In this case, your retirement pension may be reduced by the amount of the excess. For your supplementary retirement pension, reductions may also be on the agenda depending on the amount of social security contributions. In 2023, an increase in the CSG rate is planned, which risks lowering the amount of your supplementary pension.