Italy government survives dramatic Showdown in the Senate – and Salvini’s hope dwindles, Italy’s Minister of justice, Alfonso Bonafede had that Mafiosi were dismissed in large numbers from the prison – due to Corona. Now he survived two motions of censure. Oliver Meiler from Rom0 comment not suitable, but just not stürzbar: Minister of justice, Alfonso Bonafede, after the victory in the Senate.Photo: Angelo Carconi (EPA)

Italian politics is often strange scenarios. Is improvised almost nothing, even if it sometimes appears. On Wednesday, a Moment that at least the Opposition to Matteo Salvini of the right-wing Lega was hoping for a bit again, he could bring them suddenly back into the game with a toppling of a government – of all things in this difficult time.

It was in the Senate, to decide on the fate of the Minister of justice. Against Alfonso Bonafede, 43 years old, from the Sicilian Mazara del Vallo, a prominent member of the Cinque Stelle, were equal to two, very different, motions of censure tabled. All knew: through one of them, is the government at the end. And so the house was full, like on big days, although the circumstances were difficult: the distance preserving, mask mandatory. Prime Giuseppe Conte was there.

< p > “brava persona”

Bonafede is accused of, among other things, that under his eyes, not only of thousands of petty criminals were released before the end of their detention from the hopelessly overcrowded prisons in order to fight the onset of Corona. But also hundreds of Mafiosi, which should not benefit from this measure. Even the three big bosses were there, all three of the elderly and sick. The indignation in the people and the media was large. The Minister of justice decides about Detention relief, there are criminal enforcement judges. And no one accused Bonafede, he was an accomplice of the Mafia. Ultimately, the Minister of justice bears the political responsibility.

several senators a “brava persona”, a nice people called him. In the supposed praise of the true charge put Many to keep Bonafede overall, for a false cast, for a light-weight in a heavy division. In other times, he would have fallen a long time ago.

“My appearance today is in the Senate, one of the most difficult in my political career.”

Matteo Renzi, Italy’s Ex-Premier, before the speech on Facebook

Critical Matteo Renzi, the former Prime Minister, and his small party Italia Viva was again. Without your 17 senators Conte brings it to a majority in the small chamber, and the Renzi him feel. A permanent power play. Shortly before the meeting posted Renzi on Facebook: “My appearance today is in the Senate, one of the most difficult in my political career.” He actually breaks down? Now?

The news channel broadcast live on the ranks of the Lega, the hope grew. And Renzi, in a good mood and tanned, waited for the long justification of the Minister, built up behind the microphone, reminded of the mafia-fighter Giovanni Falcone, told of the many Allusions of the Cinque point against himself and his family and spared Bonafede. It is rich to him as a revenge opportunity on a silver platter, said Renzi, but he waivers a generous thing to do. For the good of the Nation, so to speak. Both motions failed, although the Lega had voted for both Yes.

Tricolor in front of the face: Matteo Salvini, a Senator and head of the Lega, after the lost vote. Photo: Remo Casilli (Reuters)

the policy is that Generosity rarely in vain. You can hear, Conte had offered Italia Viva posts in the Commission and reforms promised. Probably you will reign now a little quieter with each other. For Salvini, it’s a bad message – one of many. His personal favor with the people is waning in the crisis. According to recent polls, it now stands at 29 percent, while Conte-and-white still, 59 percent of Italians behind.

The Protest moved

but suffers from the fact that he may no longer appear in public: The Piazza is his favorite biotope. On the next 2. In June, the national holiday, to protest all the right-wing parties in the country against the government and its crisis management. The permission they had, with the usual restrictions. Now, however, Salvini says, you move everything to July, it was safer.

The time is not but, above all, politically the most affordable. Now the feindete European Union is preparing-Yes, even to help Italy solid. With many billion for the reconstruction, maybe even without a refund obligation. The power the Oppose the nationalists and the Protest on the Piazza.

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