It is quite cold. More precisely, it is said to 22 degrees Celsius below Zero, and it is a very dry cold, the children and their parents shivering. About 20 people stand or sit in a room and listen to Achim Horsinka. The is completely unaffected by the Arctic temperatures and talks about how the big icicles are formed in the space and why you may not grow currently. Fascinated, in particular, the small visitors stand in front of the imposing ice-stalactites and touch you again and again. You may. Horsinka warns his little guests: “Please, not with the tongue licking, then we have a Problem.” A slightly frozen tongue hurts violently hurts.

The ice chamber in the castle Freudenberg in Wiesbaden is part of the experience in the field Winter, and is unique in Germany, such as Joe boots Hagen explained. The young man is since the fall of the speaker of the non-profit Association “society of nature & art”, which employs approximately 80 people from 15 Nations. It is not so easy to describe the Association and its varied activities. “Experience field for the development of the senses and the mind”, call the makers of your Area on the Freudenberg and hits it quite well. Depending on the Season, the club offers its visitors a very certain sense-impressions, some of the attractions within the castle, there are also year-round experience.

cold intense

The kids in the ice chamber to be increasingly restless. To collect smaller pieces of ice and proudly show their parents. Leader Horsinka presents, however, the frost flowers the garden, and explains why the snow flakes actually are transparent and only due to their large number of white appear. It is the parents who will listen to his remarks on the structure of the ice Crystals carefully. Some have moved on Horsinkas Council their Jackets to feel the cold more intense. The work is visible; you will experience, to freeze it like it is, quite clearly, as you look at them. “You feel the cold?”, ask Horsinka and adds: “In your Inside, in your stomach but they are still warm. So quickly, our body does not allow it, that we are cold.“

up to 28. February 2019, visitors can experience the cold and a sensual experience that is, at least in the Rhine-Main area, is increasingly rare. “As we have said, that the Winter is coming right to us, because we wanted to make him come alive,” says Horsinka the idea, which led seven years ago to the establishment of the ice chamber. Since that time, thousands of visitors froze in the cellar of the castle voluntarily. “In the ice chamber, everyone wants to”, confirmed the spokesman of boots to Hagen and says: “Everything has to do with vibrations. Sounds are heard, water is visible, and the cold is palpable.“

“It’s the heat-the cold-of mind”

Who wants to be in the chamber, then you should sign up at the best to a tour or call and ask when a is. The crowd is large, because in the approximately 30 square meters large ice chamber is not more than 20 guests are allowed inside. So people know the cold is optimal, Horsinka just before the entrance to the chamber, an introduction. “We want to make aware of, to what one pays at the best, to experience the sensation of Cold. The heat-cold-sense,“ says the leader.

The actual visit to this oversized freezer, it takes only about ten minutes. Nevertheless, a a few-hour stay in the castle, which has many more sensory experiences to be worth it. So the kids can generate in the new water miracle, even large swirl and observe how a river changed its course and meanders.