It was a campaign promise. While he was still “only” a candidate for his own re-election, the Head of State multiplied his commitments to convince the French and French people to vote for him. For the attention of retirees, he therefore announced the forthcoming revaluation of retirement pensions, to fight against the loss of purchasing power due to inflation. The latter invariably nibbles at savers’ savings… but also everyone’s standard of living.

Until recently, on June 7, 2022, Elisabeth Borne returned to this potentially very expensive commitment. As Midi Libre explains on its site, it confirmed “a 4% revaluation” for “all pensions”. Overall, the Prime Minister further specified on the airwaves of France Bleu, “this will be a little more than 5%”. So far, the executive has also been very clear on the date chosen: pension increases will take place from July. But beware ! This does not mean that the increase in income will be noticeable at that time…

In practice, continue our colleagues, it will be necessary to wait until August to be able to count its cold and hard money. In question ? The usual lag between the payment of pensions.

To fully understand, it is indeed important to remember that the retirement pension from the general scheme is always paid with a month lag: in January, the insured person receives the payment for December and so on. Therefore, it is in August that the one for July will be collected.