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A committee of the wise entrepreneurs and personalities of prestige in the economic world to decide the small print of the money that will come from Brussels. This is one of the options you have on the table the president of the Government and that, according to confirmed sources of the Executive, could be launched at the turn of the holidays. A similar formula is already working in other European countries such as Italy and France with good results in both economic as well as political, which would have attracted the attention of the Spanish Government.

Sources close to the Executive insist on the double function with which the Government conceived this project. On the one hand, the advice of entrepreneurs of prestige can be crucial to injections community really translate in a boost to the real economy that I pursue. is “this Is about making the public-private partnership fits together” , assure the same sources. The historical recovery fund approved by Brussels will allow Spain to receive about 140,000 million euros.

But beyond this technical advice, the committee of wise men would be an interesting caramel-political face of the imminent negotiation of support for the project budget, provided that they open their armchairs to entrepreneurs related to political groups that may be critical. The PP has insisted on numerous occasions that there must be some guarantee that the money is spent in the most appropriate manner, so that this committee of wise men ‘ could be understood as a gesture of rapprochement. Also this figure could be to the liking of Citizens , which has claimed control in the same sense.

in the meantime, the Spanish Government debate now the profile of the members of the committee of wise men, if well gain weight, the possibility that they are technical profiles and business in front of other purely theoretical, given that the minister of the Economy, Nadia Calviño, already has a committee of these features that brings reflections on economic strategy in the medium and long term, and among whose members are Elizabeth Alvarez, associate professor of the Complutense University of madrid, Jose Ignacio Conde Ruiz, deputy director of Fedea, or Emilio Ontiveros, president of Afi, among others.

This committee of wise men is one of the options on the table by the Government that could see the light return from the summer vacation

so far, Italy has opted for a model with a greater weight of business, but among its ranks of experts are also sociologists, environmental experts and tax policies. To the front of the committee alps, announced last April, is situated the former ceo of Vodafone, Vittorio Colao, together with economic profiles of renown in Italy as the expert on family companies and advisor of the Italian central bank, Maurizia Iachino Leto di Priolo, and Roberto Cingolani, responsible for the technological innovation of the group of aviation Leonardo. The now well-known as the “dream team” has been praised on numerous occasions in Spain, especially in the business field. However, the minister Calviño already disowned this possibility during a speech at the Congress in his reply to Iván Espinosa de los Monteros, member of parliament for Vox , who suggested to him that the Government had to find our own Colao: “I’m Not in absolute agreement with you, because it seems to suggest that everything public is suspicious and that, however, a private employer would be the person that we could clarify and give the vision of the future that needs our country, that would be someone independent without any type of influence, which would represent the general interest. But that is not my experience,” he said.

France has opted for a greater weight of theoretical in his committee, that is, a model closer to that of economists Calviño, although with members of international profile and not so patriotic as that of the italians. Launched at the end of may, the commission gala is chaired by Jean Tirole, Nobel prize of Economy (2014), and Olivier Blanchard, the chief economist of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), between 2008 and 2015. Macron, Tirole, and Blanchard chose a group of twenty-six economists of the most diverse sensitivity and of the most high international reputation , among which are also found Dani Rodrik (Harvard), Carol Propper (Imperial College, london), Stefanie Stantcheva (Harvard), Paul Krugman and Peter Diamond (Nobel prize, 2008 and 2010), among others.

Proposals on the table

sources consulted by this newspaper claim that the president Pedro Sánchez has already received some proposals of entrepreneurs of the Ibex 35, which may be a part of this council.

however, the host could have this project among the business elite national .

In the business environment are reminded how great leaders from all sectors attended the summit organized by the CEOE in the worst moments of the pandemic in order to propose and bring to the country. “Entrepreneurs are willing to contribute but would not be willing to be used as a justification of the economic policies of the Government”, say sources of business.

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