According to figures reported by the Ministry of the Interior, more than 210,000 home burglaries took place during the year 2022. There is then an increase of 11% in these thefts compared to the year 2021. elsewhere, the Ministry of the Interior mentions disparities between departments.

Indeed, some would be more affected than others. There is a very high number of home burglaries in Brittany and the Pays de la Loire in particular. Indeed, we can read in the ministry’s balance sheet that “in seven departments, the increase is more than 40% over one year”. The ministry also adds that “a dozen departments contribute half of the increase at the national level (11%)”.

Among the most affected departments are Loire-Atlantique, Ille-et-Vilaine, Morbihan, Charente-Maritime and Finistère in western France. We find most of the departments of Île-de-France such as Paris, Hauts-de-Seine or Yvelines. Finally, the Auvergne-Rhône Alpes and Occitanie regions are also strongly affected. Find out in our slideshow below at what time of day these burglaries take place.

Other departments are on the contrary very little affected by burglaries. Indeed, in the same assessment, the Ministry of the Interior notes that “the number of burglaries of housing has dropped significantly in 11 departments, including Hérault, Gard, Nord, Allier and Alpes-Maritimes”. Nevertheless, whatever your department, it is necessary to take your precautions.

Interviewed by the UFC-Que Choisir association, Warrant Officer Anabelle Descoins, Security referent at the Val d’Oise gendarmerie, reveals the good reflexes to have to prevent your house from a burglary. At first, it is always better to have an alarm but it is not enough. Indeed, she advises to place your “valuables in a sealed safe” out of sight. You can also take photos of the layout of your furniture to provide to the police and your insurance in case of break-ins.

She also recommends leaving doubt about your presence in the house. Indeed, if you are going on vacation for a long period, it is better to pretend that you have not left. For this, you can install programmers that will trigger the radio or the light. You can ask your neighbor to pick up your mail. If your department is particularly affected, you can also notify the police of your absence.

The times and periods of action are also to be taken into account. To know them, see our slideshow below.