According to US media, Lil Tay made a public appearance on Wednesday in Los Angeles, the first since the former social media star was falsely declared dead.

It is difficult to determine who is hiding under the mask, the sunglasses and the hood of the person filmed Wednesday at the Los Angeles airport, but according to TMZ magazine, which follows the soap opera closely, it is indeed Lil Tay, this teenager who caused a lot of discussion in August.

Lil Tay was greeted by several media outlets, who bombarded her with camera flashes and questions. “Lil Tay, how are you? Is it true that your father faked your death? » The young girl, accompanied according to TMZ by her mother Angela Tian and her brother Jason, did not say a word before rushing into a van.

Lil Tay, who grew up in Vancouver, had her moment of internet fame in 2018, at the age of 9, by impersonating a rapper exposing his wealth. On August 9, a post on his Instagram account that appeared to have been written by those close to him announced his “sudden tragic death” as well as that of his older brother. The news had gone around the world. The next day, TMZ published an article claiming that Lil Tay was alive and that her account had been hacked.

On Tuesday, another twist: a photo of Lil Tay’s father, lawyer Christopher Hope, was posted on the young girl’s Instagram account (and since deleted). The photo was accompanied by a defamatory message claiming in particular that the young girl’s father was the author of the hoax announcing Lil Tay’s death, which the main party denied.

Lil Tay, now 14, is at the center of a legal battle between her parents. According to Insider magazine, the girl’s Instagram page has been used in the past in a smear campaign against her father.