Only 25 percent of the Belgians are considering a electric car to buy, compared to 35% for 2.5 years. That’s according to a study by consulting firm Roland Berger, in a total of 17 countries, of which L’Echo Thursday’s post. The Belgians can do it, so clearly worse than the average.

“two and a Half years ago, said 35 per cent of the Belgians and that he was willing to make an electric car purchase, compared with 25 per cent today,” says Roland Berger. Belgium is clearly below the average of 40 per cent in the 17 countries in the study have been included. In 2018, have been some 3,700 electric cars registered in the country.

as Of the 1.074 Belgians, Roland Berger, and asked them, 60% of the electric cars are too expensive, while 35% believe that there is very little charging infrastructure is. In accordance with 35 per cent of the autonomy of the car is too low. Belgium, and only for 1.4 charging stations every 100 miles. By way of comparison: in the Netherlands there are at 29.3 per 100 kilometers in China is 8.3.

“the industry will have to re-invent. All of the actors need to mobilize in order to find out in which direction we’re going, and how fast, it is necessary to be able to adapt,” according to the consulting firm even more.

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