Remco Evenepoel on Wednesday have a look at the world of cycling was stunned. As a barely 19-year-old neo pro cracked the highly talented Deceuninck–Quick-Step at his first world CHAMPIONSHIPS time-trial to zilverden story.

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“yes, Yes, I have found myself amazed”, and gave Evenepoel at the press conference. “I know that there are a few of the big names that will be hard to beat it. Rohan (Dennis, ed.) it was just one of them. If you can see what kind of speed to cross the finish line was. He was going to be more than a minute faster than me, then you know you have enough of them. However, this silver medal feels like gold to me. I’m not at all disappointed. I am very happy with my performance. I would never have thought that I was already nineteen-year-old’s age would have been able to achieve. I am very, very, very happy and it motivates me even more to make up for it this winter is for it to go. I’m in a good flow.”

Evenepoel was the winner of this season’s Tour of Belgium, the European championship, time trial and in the Clasica San Sebastian on the course. “It has been over the past year, much has changed. I’ve changed a lot as a person, and I have five races in the pro’s won. I think that I am as a person and as an athlete that has grown in me. This silver medal is for me the ultimate achievement of my year. This was my very first time trial, that is, as long as it was my first world CHAMPIONSHIPS as a professional. This is a true measure of value for me to see where I stand. It’s a very, very, very good season here.”

Evenepoel could still take a look at the strange maneuver at the start. Our fellow countryman seized as soon as he had gone into his chart and pulled it up. “There’s something wrong with my shoe. That came off when I was on the stage. I have had him for just what is possible. I have used this shoe for a whole year, and I think I have a little too much force to put it on my pedal the first few meters. It had nothing to do with the sokkenregel to the test, and they have given me in advance, checked twice. I had once tried to take my socks up higher to look at them, but she had seen it, so I had my socks on again, go to the bottom to do that.” (see also: the UCI allows himself to notice at the world cup… in the issue of the length of the socks is to be measured).

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The media coverage of Evenepoel was made this season are huge. After a silver medal at these world CHAMPIONSHIPS, it will probably not be any less. “That’s part of the job. If you get good results, that is, the media attention is getting bigger and bigger. And that was, for me, this year’s event. Of course, I used to be a hot topic at the beginning of the year, because I was already at a very young age and the step up to the pros to put it, but I’ve had throughout the season, and more and more and proved that I can in my position to have. Even in our day.”

and finally, what can we Evenepoel next season will bring? “I’ve got my ticket for the Olympic season. That is my big goal for the next year. And then, of course, the world cup in the netherlands. In the course of the next year would be even better to lie down. It’s heavier and more rock climbing. All of the other races of the new season, it will, to a large extent a function of those two big goals.”

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