Pope gives blessing: diversity means no risk


Pope Francis has emphasized in his Christmas message on the importance of coexistence between people of different Nations, cultures and religions. “Our diversity does not harm us, ( … ), it does not mean danger; rather, it is a wealth,” said the Pontiff on Tuesday from the Loggia of St. Peter’s Basilica before Thousands of faithful in St Peter’s square.

whether The universal message of Christmas, that “we are all brothers and sisters”. “Without the Fraternity, which has given Jesus to us, to keep all of our efforts to achieve a fairer world in a short breath, and even the best of projects are likely to become soulless structures.”

In his Christmas message, the head of the Catholics expressed hope that the dialogue and peace between Israelis and Palestinians, a political solution in Syria and ceasefire in Yemen.

Francis also addressed the conflicts between North and South Korea, Venezuela, Nicaragua and the Ukraine. Then, the Pope donated the traditional “Urbi et Orbi”blessing.