as The famous limes wall between the United States and Mexico, and is one of the main subjects of the Home, and it was one of the focal points of his campaign in 2016. In the meantime, the construction of the wall started, but it is the controversial initiative to be waterproof in order to (illegal) immigrants in the neighborhood? An eight-year-old girl has proved this week is that the wall is not an obstacle to a need-to-have for those with a little bit of something for everyone and the future.

Lucy Hancock (8), of Philippine heritage, but now lives with her mother in the Us state of South Carolina. The girl has a lot of experience with mountains and climbing and the challenge of building a replica of the famous, huge wall to climb.

of Which a replica was constructed by a climber, and Rick Weber. When the man with the plan of a Home for the first time, he claimed that such a wall is small, great for experienced climbers. To this he adds the action to the word, and built a wall around his claim, to prove it to you.

in the Meantime, about twenty climbers attempted to reach the top of the fake wall, which they did. “Difficult, but not impossible,” was the general mood among the climbers.

And Lucy? The brave little girl took a little over a minute left, to triumph to the top. They used it only as a tie rope, security, strength, and excellent abilities.

According to the girl, get the “easy” climb, with a score of 5.7 on a ten, but it was a little difficult to get on top of the thing to us.

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