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The season express Formula 1 is heading hopelessly towards a monologue from Lewis Hamilton, author in Barcelona for its fourth victory of the course (88 of your life). Gentle stroll in Montmeló of the English, who needs an opponent with urgency to the margin of Verstappen to F1 is not a glanders. English doubled to seventeen opponents and put the fourth, the Racing Point of Stroll and Sergio Perez, more than a minute and a half. Compete in another hemisphere, away Ferrari with a car calamitous. Carlos Sainz was brilliant sixth in his category. No problems this time, the spaniard completed a good weekend at the Grand Prix of Spain.

Formula 1 need at the best Fernando Alonso in a car to your height. Lewis Hamilton needs Alonso, at the wheel of a car competent so that their successes are measured in another dimension. Only the spaniard, and Verstappen, maybe Leclerc in the future, it offers a level of concentration similar to that of the as a veteran of british.

In Barcelona, a circuit iconic but toston from the point of view of emotion , which almost never happens to be almost nothing special on the track, Hamilton was not aware that I was on the last lap and I had won the race. No one pressed him, not even his engineer of track. What need was there?

Verstappen never bother and much less the languid companion who has a Hamilton in the Mercedes.

it Is a waste of talent for engineering Bottas drive that flying car. The Finnish came out fatal and, obviously, not worried about the triumph of Hamilton when it is the only one that can do it, for material and performance of your car. “I’m disappointed,” said Bottas, so disappointing him.

“be Careful, we wear the mask to protect ourselves and to others.” Towards this field led to the conversation with Hamilton nothing more to get out of the car, in his first words. Anything to tell us of a race without history.

Another desolation to Ferrari, that 2020 will make it endless with a car pitiful which does not impose itself on the middle area. Breakdown of Leclerc, retired, and seventh-placed Vettel, successful in the strategy.

it is well Known that Racing Point is the animator of the course , Stroll and Sergio Perez lit up with a car that runs a lot and encumbra two pilots so different. The always hot-although careful with the tyres, Perez, and the incipient Stroll, a son of the leader of the team.

Carlos Sainz was able to enjoy at the end of a Sunday without incident. It went well, as almost always, and took out a career surgical , running at any moment what he needed for each situation. The fight with Albon of the race, overtaking Vettel, the stops without problems in the garage. And a sixth place as a reward: “it Has been a clean run, without problems, with different strategies, we deserved a result like that, and more at home. Hopefully serve us to get some confidence,” he said at the end.

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