A professional career can be made up of many twists and turns and it may not be possible to contribute enough for retirement. When certain entire periods are missing, it is possible and preferable to opt for a redemption of quarters. In this perspective, it is possible for you to recover contributions, according to very specific conditions. However, special cases must be known in order to avoid unpleasant surprises. Focus on these points of attention.

More and more French people are resorting to buying back quarters to fill in missing contribution periods in their careers. To carry out this procedure, it is essential to have been covered by a compulsory French health insurance scheme for at least five years. Specific deadlines also apply to claim redemption of these periods. In the context of an activity carried out abroad, you can file your application within 10 years from the last day of the last activity abroad.

You can make a purchase for the rate, but also the duration of insurance. Your purchase thus increases the rate and the number of quarters taken into account in the calculation of your retirement. The final amount of your redemption depends on several factors. It is subject to your professional income and your contributions for the last 12 months of activity, but also to the option chosen and your age. You may be offered to pay for your redemption in cash or by installments. Discover, in our slideshow, the 6 special cases to be aware of for your redemption of quarters.