Everyone gets what he deserves. Anton Seematter (Roland Koch), for example, Chairman of the management Board of the group Swisscoal and, as a company, a rare Maserati car model, resides high above Lucerne in the Mies-van-der-Rohe-glass box on a large piece of land, collects art and donates in return for a reputation as a patron of the arts, significant sums of economic Sciences faculties.

The title pages of numerous Manager-magazines adorn the wall of his bedroom, on all Anton Seematter in the success of pose, the “Deal-Maker” of the moment, the year, the century illustrated:. Rich by extraordinary effort and rare intellectual brilliance, so it is in the relevant sheets. In the knee due portraits the self-assurance of the meritocracy, a rule of procedure on the basis of performance. In Merito involuntary consequence of the unemployed is to blame for his plight – he is not flexible, not smart, not looking ahead enough. Inequality is part of the System. There can’t be only the Rich. Or, as it applies Seematters daughter Leonie (Cecilia Steiner), a student of the economy: “It is not everyone can be born with privileges, otherwise, there would be no more.”

Not even the compensation for inflation is driving taken into account

Mike Liebknecht (Misel Maticevic), in the third-to-last Swiss “crime scene” in Lucerne, on the German-Swiss border, in order to make Seematter, with the support of a Beretta to the speech, in the power of dictatorial point of view, what he deserves. The operation of termination by the parent company Swisscoal, which buys its metal-processing plant in Bremerhaven up to him to close off and to assign the jobs to Asia. The Failure of his marriage, the loss of his son, anger in the belly. Liebknecht – the Name is not in vain a extremely clear reminiscence of the labour leader Karl Liebknecht comes into the house, with force of arms to claim what is rightfully his. Seematter is to compensate him for the loss of earnings until retirement. The declared undeterred the mistake. To the understanding of the situation Liebknecht “the overall view is lacking”. To Calculate the basic financial understanding – not even compensate for inflation, he took into account. Arrogance or sarcasm? Or the much-lauded traction loss of the top Manager?

In the game arrangement of the duel between Seematter and Liebknecht man “can sit modular a case of the popular “capitalists-Bashings take it or leave it” from the pen of Jan Cronauer (based on an idea of a 2016 late Matthias towel man) as the new “crime scene”-” in the German-speaking television identify. Whether banks or industrial environment – usually there’s unscrupulous characters who would appear the socialist Revolutionary of the last century, whether the narrow-mindedness as a means in the class struggle is pointless. “Take it or leave it” but more of it, at least a better movie than the script suggests. This has in the center of a hostage case adopted with multiple reversal of the conditions in the police Reto Flückiger (Stefan Gubser) and Liz Ritschard (Delia Mayer) by chance, as bystanders of the conflict of systems into.