End clap for 2G and 3G technologies. On January 25, 2023, SFR announced that 2G, or GSM, will be deactivated from its network in 2026. “A few months earlier, Orange had made a similar announcement, with the end of its 2G network for 2025. Similar announcements should soon be made by Bouygues Telecom and Free”, recall our colleagues from BFMTV.

3G, a worthy successor to 2G, will be extinguished in 2028 on all mobile operators. The end of an era, which is explained by the rise of 4G and 5G technologies, now used by the majority of French people.

Some areas, called “white”, however, do not yet have these. In these places, the only solution to send a text or make a phone call is 2G. “So many areas that could be completely inaccessible if they are not covered by 4G or 5G in the future”, writes the news channel continuously.

The deactivation of 2G and 3G should unclog the networks, where the technologies piled up until then. Thus, the released frequencies will be reallocated to 4G and 5G, ensuring a better connection and smoother communication.

On the other hand, some devices using 2G or 3G will no longer function correctly once these technologies are deactivated. Find out which devices are affected in our slideshow below.