If you own a chicken coop and produce your own eggs, this may apply to you. On April 4, 2023, the Rhône prefecture updates one of its press releases on the pollution of its land by perfluorinated substances. The alert now concerns chicken eggs produced at your home. Thus, a decree recommends that you no longer consume your eggs. For the local authorities, it is “a health recommendation in application of the precautionary principle”.

A field study had been carried out and showed worrying results for the municipalities near Lyon. Indeed, “the results show that 26 samples out of the 30 carried out reveal values ​​which exceed those of the European regulation”, specifies the press release. In addition, the prefecture indicates that the eggs are “sensitive markers” of this substance. As a reminder, perfluorinated substances are recognized as harmful to human health, and can settle over time.

These substances, called perfluoroalkylated and polyfluoroalkylated (PFAS) were detected almost a year ago south of Lyon. Since then, the arrests have continued to increase. Thus, in the last press release from the prefecture, 17 sectors are concerned. If you have a chicken coop in the areas below, you must not consume these eggs, nor “consume the flesh of poultry”.

The areas concerned are therefore the following:

In addition, new samples are planned in the sector to determine the origin of this pollution. Case to follow.