Chuck Norris is back in action. At 83, the actor and legendary hero of Walker, Texas Ranger, the flagship series of the 1990s, is returning to our screens. According to the Deadline website, the octogenarian has completed filming a new feature film, entitled Agent Recon, directed by actor Derek Ting.

In this action and science fiction film, American actor Chuck Norris plays the character of Commander Alastair, forming a team (with Derek Ting and Marc Singer) which sets off on a high-risk expedition. The goal of their mission: to track down a mysterious energy disturbance in a base in New Mexico, suspected of experimenting with extraterrestrial technologies, we can read in the synopsis relayed by the American media.

“We were looking for an opportunity to work with the legendary Chuck Norris where he could showcase his consistently exceptional fighting skills,” Berry Meyerowitz and Jeff Sackman, the co-presidents of Quiver Distribution, told the site. “We were thrilled when he immediately joined the film after reading Derek Ting’s script, and we can’t wait for his many fans to see him in action again.”

This return to filming will also be an opportunity for Chuck Norris to work with a member of his family, for Derek Ting’s film. “My stunt team pushed the limits of my vision of clear, grounded action enhanced with driven storytelling, and we asked Chuck’s son Dakota to join us to choreograph all the fight sequences of his father”, confided the filmmaker and actor to our American colleagues.

A blockbuster that Chuck Norris fans can’t wait to see on screen for a release scheduled for 2024 in the United States. That is almost twelve years after his last appearance in Expendables 2: Special Unit. In 2017, the former karate champion announced that he was ending his career to watch over the health of his wife Gena O’Kelley, as reported by Soir Mag.

While waiting to know if the French will have the chance to see the American star again at the cinema in France, Chuck Norris had made a name for himself among the Corsicans. The octogenarian had a nice surprise in store for the residents of Bastia in a video where he sent them his best wishes for 2021.