Inflation continues to climb in all sectors (food, gasoline, energy) and families are not seeing the end of it. Some even struggle to feed themselves despite the various operations offered by large retailers such as the anti-inflation basket.

While some unscrupulous media are peddling news that could make the French happy to bail out their wallets, others are indignant and denounce fake news like the AFP Fact checking unit. Latest publication on the “santé mag” site, an article titled: “This very common 20 euro note is worth 200 euros, it would be good to check”.

This article states that it is not uncommon to have in our possession a 20 euro note with value, so you can read in the introduction to the article: “If you still have the reflex to pay in change ‘ you could come across a 20 euro note that could be worth a nice nest egg! For some collectors, these notes can be traded for 10 times their price. Here’s how and why you can hit the jackpot nothing only by watching your wallet closely”

In reality, this publication shared many times on social networks is misleading according to AFP. Indeed, if it is quite possible to find some banknotes from collectors at prices much higher than the value which is registered there, it is on the contrary extremely rare and it will be collector’s items.

In this article, the journalists point out the confusion that is made between the value of an atypical note and the face value of a banknote.

In the euro zone, the currency is the same for everyone and above all a 20 euro note is issued for 20 euros, that is to say that the face value of a note is the amount written on the note. On the other hand, the value may increase depending on the rarity or its historical value.

According to the info collection site, the euro banknote collection market is very small. While it is easy and inexpensive to keep coins that are somewhat rarer than others, it is too early for banknotes in circulation today to have a higher valuation than their face value.

In addition to false information circulating that can save you money, there are also bank note frauds. Do you know them ? In France, the denominations of 20 and 50 euros are particularly targeted. In 2022, 376,000 false notes were seized, tobacconists are the first victims, explains an article from France Info. They are now so well imitated that it is very difficult to recognize them. In addition, specialized investigators believe that the fight against counterfeiters is more difficult with the internet and social networks. To avoid being fooled, remember to touch it to check the quality of the paper, look at the color or tilt the banknote to check the hologram.