It’s not just coins, champagne corks or stamps that can be collected. There is also the pin collection. This is called Philopinia. If it may seem pointless as these little badges were on all your clothes thirty years ago, think again! In fact, it could pay you big.

Indeed, we have to go back to the mid-1990s to witness the golden age of advertising pins in France. This trend arrived in 1987 during the Roland Garros tennis tournament. Until the Winter Olympics in Albertville in 1992, the production of these small brooches exploded. “All the companies have started distributing advertising pins with their effigy”, reports the Info Collection site.

In just a few years, this craze has weakened and now concerns only “informed collectors”.

While many pins date back to the 1990s, some companies like Disney have never stopped satisfying lovers of these little pins. Thus, many characters from the American studio’s animated films or sporting and cultural events are entitled to pins bearing their effigy.

Unfortunately, not all of these pins have the same level of rarity and market value. On average, a pin is worth 10 to 20 cents.

Here are the different themes that can bring you a little more money as indicated by the Info Collection site:

Dig into your old stuff, you may not know it but you may have pins that are worth several hundred euros.

In the slideshow below, check out 17 brooches that have gone up for sale on auction site eBay.