TV license fee: what are you risking by lying?


Are you subject to the TV license fee? The public audiovisual contribution is paid in November by households subject to housing tax (including 80% of those benefiting from tax relief) and having a television set in their main residence, as of January 1 of the current year. Only taxpayers with a television set and benefiting from a “real” exemption from this local tax do not have to pay a television license fee. Its amount in 2022 is 138 euros in metropolitan France, and 88 euros for residents of overseas departments. It is used to finance part of the budget of France Télévisions, Radio France, INA, Arte France, TV5 Monde, and France Médias Monde.

However, as noted by the tax authorities, “microcomputers equipped with a television card allowing television reception are not taxable”.

Do you want to avoid this contribution by falsely declaring that you do not own a television? Be careful, your lie exposes you to a fine of 150 euros per rectified year (in addition to the amount of the TV license fee). The tax authorities have the possibility of going back up to 3 years for their checks.

To identify abuses, the controllers of the Directorate General of Public Finance rely on the Ancrages file “national application of controls of the audiovisual license fee and management of sanctions” which lists: