A folk and delicate journey on a quest for identity that resonates for a long time.

There are albums for dancing, others for relaxing, some call more for listening and reflection. This is the case of Maison vent de Willows (Geneviève Toupin) which, after the moving EP The Hills, offers an album in French.

Through her very personal account, the Métis singer-songwriter of Franco-Manitoban and Quebecois origin by adoption tells a universal story: that of a person torn between two cultures, whose heart goes back and forth between two base camps, and returning to her roots to better understand herself and choose what she wishes to leave as a legacy.

To find her way and remember who she is, Geneviève Toupin weaves a “long embroidery”, as she sings in the powerful Lineages: the ancestors who made history, her ancestors and her mother, it is a whole filiation of women who guide her and whom she celebrates with this voice so clear, just and nuanced which, from one project to another, never ceases to move us.

Intimate, gently folk, Maison vent is a breathing album, produced with delicacy by Joseph Marchand. The musician who plays the piano and the guitar is also very well surrounded for this project of heart and intelligence, with Émilie Proulx on artistic co-direction and on bass, François Lafontaine on synthesizers, Robbie Kuster on drums and percussion and Alexandre Tétrault on violin.

With a few touches of English and Métchif-French – the ancestral language of the Métis nation – Maison vent is carried by the breath of the Manitoban plain and fills the 2000 km that separate Montreal from Rivière-Rouge. And offers an inner journey that does not apply at any time of the day, but which, if you listen to it, continues to resonate for a long time.

“There are those who advance with a sure step / Me, I walk between the worlds / It’s like that / I looked for my place for a long time / And if you want to know / Sometimes I still look for it. »