Cheeses, spices, ice cream… Many products are subject to recalls every day. Removed from the shelves because unfit for consumption, these foodstuffs must be destroyed, or brought back to the store to benefit from a refund. At the beginning of the week, the Rappel Conso platform relayed the recall sheets for several cheeses, potentially contaminated with the Escherichia Coli bacterium, likely to cause serious food poisoning. In our slideshow below, discover the 6 cheeses not to taste at the moment.

Transmission of the E. coli bacterium occurs mainly through the consumption of contaminated food. “The natural reservoir of EHEC being mainly the digestive tract of cattle, the food products concerned are generally raw or undercooked meat, dairy products made from raw milk, and more rarely raw vegetable products”, explains the Institut Pasteur.

To limit the risk of contamination, several preventive measures can be taken in the kitchen. Here are the recommendations of the Institut Pasteur: