Euro banknotes are very little sought after by collectors. It’s logical: being still in circulation, and produced in large quantities, they have no reason to be acclaimed, unlike the old francs, gold louis or some so-called “flawed” coins. These are a real gold mine: if you happen to find a coin with a manufacturing defect, such as a double face, an absence of minting on one side… You have every chance of reselling it for a good price.

That’s pretty much the only way to make money out of a euro banknote: find a unique feature in it. This can be a manufacturing defect, but also a singularity in the serial number. Discover some examples of banknotes that can resell very expensive in our slideshow below. Breaking your piggy bank has never been so profitable! Note, however, that ticket lovers will prefer to buy tickets in very good condition, which show no stains, folds, holes or tears.

If you have franc banknotes left, on the other hand, you have every chance of finding a model that will sell for even more than its face value. According to the Info Collection site, you can rely on several elements to determine the value of an old franc note: