Timeout with Oliver Hegi – He flies to the next Chapter successful gymnast, has learned for two decades, the boundaries of physics to explore. Now he wants to study.David Wiederkehr0 comment flight curve ums Reck: Oliver Hegi and white, thanks to his interest in the physics of what is on the devices possible.Photo: Keystone

usually art gymnasts will be told what to do. The sound in the hall is rough and the comfort zone somewhere else. The coach determines the gymnast performs.

Oliver Hegi is a little different. Because Oliver Hegi is different. The stretch-champion of Europe from 2018 trains to the loved ones for alone, the Trainer may like to give his Input and advice, “and I’m open to this criticism,” he once said. “But in the end I have to be the one who takes the Decisions.” Since he gives so move (and since him national coach Bernhard Fluck this freedom), train it in a more targeted and experience hardly any setbacks. The 27-year-old from Aargau is the most stable of all Swiss Turner.

Now Hegi ignites the next stage: At his own request, he left two weeks ago, the national training centre in Magglingen and trained since then in the Regional performance centre (RLZ) in the Canton of Aargau, Luzern, where he, at the time, the basics had to be learned, to be the top Turner. He is supported by RLZ head coach Nikolay Maslennikov, but only when needed. “Most of the time I’m doing a program individually, almost without a coach,” he said. Because of the Corona-hygiene measures it is integrated still in a training group with younger colleagues.

part of the national squad remains Hegi, and his goal is the Olympic games in Tokyo are unchanged in important competitions of the coming spring, the home European Championships in Basel, he will also train in the future, the week in Magglingen. That he has to go back in the home, Canton, is also less of a waning Motivation due, but the study of physics, which he will begin in late summer at the ETH in Zurich. The study, training program, and the Commute from Biel to Zurich – it’s Hegi appeared impossible.

the physics could be gymnastics of his life to the art, have been shown in the last two to three years, says Hegi. And it is a logical step for someone like him, of exploring the limits of physics for two decades, or to challenge tries. “I’ve developed in the compilation of my Exercises to have a sense of whatever is in physics,” he says. He would later contribute in the research and to “gain new insights”.

As far as the art of gymnastics and the target of Tokyo has in these plans, there is still space, it will show. “I had in the last few weeks, enough time to ask me if it makes sense”, he says. “At the Moment it does that,” is his answer. His answer for the moment.

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