Fuel shortage: the 7 rules to follow at the pump


The Gold Rush (black). Never putting gasoline has been so difficult for motorists, while the strike at Total was renewed this Tuesday, October 11. Everywhere on the territory, it’s the same thing: barely a service station is supplied than dozens of cars rush into the breach, creating monster queues. In a few minutes, the pumps are again dry, forcing motorists to look for fuel elsewhere… Where the same scenario occurs again.

Stress, anger and fatigue add to the concern of many motorists, which the government is well aware of. Invited on RMC this Tuesday morning, the Minister of Transport Clément Beaune commented on these tensions: “We have a certain number of cases in France. Fortunately, they are limited. It is linked to fatigue, tension, exhaustion. there are people who wait for hours and who do so to go to school, to drop off their children at school. That’s why the situation cannot last (…) No tension justified, but everyone is on edge”.

If he is understanding, the government is starting to get annoyed with this situation, as he was counting on an improvement by the middle of the week. Monday evening, October 10, 29.4% of gas stations in the territory were in difficulty, according to figures from the Executive. Emmanuel Macron himself stepped up to the plate yesterday, declaring: “Blocking is not a way of negotiating. I hope that a solution can be found (…) I call on all the companies concerned and the employees with a spirit of responsibility”.

Pending a significant improvement in the situation, new measures come into force this Tuesday, October 11, some of them nationwide. Responsibility, priority, sale… The point on the rules to be respected.