Who’s talking about Prince these days with Church on the social situation and poverty in Germany, are not more Amazed. At the end of a heated debate, one thinks, to live in two different worlds. This is quite normal, as long as it comes to the assessment of the German social state. While the representatives of the Church, also with views of the private welfare organisations – the increasing misery lament, praises, the Economist, the progress in the fight against poverty and refers approximately to the low number of unemployed.

Holger Steltzner


F. A. Z.

The scare comes after that. Because there are princes of the Church, the refuse rational discourse. You do not recognize the empirical Basis of official statistics for the description of the economic and social situation simply. Official facts are merely interest-driven Fake News. Anyone who argues with facts, Figures, data, is more than suspicious, even naive. You could almost get scared to the Church. Yet someone thinks the earth is a disk? Want to turn sinister forces in the Church of the enlightenment?

At the risk of sounding naive scolded to be, here’s the attempt, the poverty debate on a rational Basis: There is poverty in Germany, and it is particularly oppressive, when children in poor conditions, without a real Chance to education and a part of growing up. Unfortunately, to asked rare why still many students do not have school or almost half of the pupils has low reading skills. Actually, this is inexcusable, because even the best social policies cannot make up for a missed training.

self-responsibility is not a propaganda formula

There are also success stories, but hardly wants to listen to someone. The number of children and families in this country rely on Hartz IV benefits, according to the Federal employment Agency steadily. Finally, the number rose again, because from countries such as Syria, Afghanistan, Bulgaria, or Romania, hundreds of thousands of children came to Germany and new from Hartz IV. Some of the protagonists of the poverty debate, such as the Greens suggest that this performance of the German welfare state to the alleged impoverishment of the masses. In the light of the lived solidarity that has a seedy connotation. Because this increase is not a scandal, but a result of refugee intake. You should not complain about “rising child poverty”, without this connection to educate. Meanwhile, 63.7 percent of the 1.7 million registered migrants Hartz IV. relate To the comparison: In the total population, up from 6.6 percent.